End User Agreement

Bodhi's Light and all affiliates are not liable for improper candle care, usage, or damage/injury caused by such. Proper candle care and usage labels are included on the bottom of each and every candle. It is important to always practice safety whenever using an open flame source.

Candles and other sources of fire are implicitly dangerous due to their combustable and flammable nature. We highly recommend utilizing a flame retardant or heat resistant pad between any candle on any surface, especially wood, wood veneer, or other susceptible surfaces. We also do not recommend allowing candles to burn out on their own as this is a fire hazard, especially when left unattended or if used while sleeping. No candle should be allowed to burn beyond 1/4" of remaining wax.

By purchasing and utilizing our candles wether for personal use or as gifts, it is implicit that the end user is responsible for proper handling, care, usage, and safety. Any damage or injury caused by improper use is the sole responsibility of the end user and the end user agrees to the full release of liability of Bodhi's Light LLC and its affiliates.

Please always practice safe candle handling, care, and usage so that you can always be safe while enjoying any candle. For further guidelines, please refer to our candle care section as well as the National Candle Association guidelines that can be found at ~


With Love and Light, Bodhi's Light.