This Father's Day is Extra Special!

Our first Father's Day was last year, in the midst of so many changes and sleepless nights as Bodhi was not yet a year old and a move to a new home. Life seemed so difficult and new, yet we were so blissfully happy. The day to day activities at the time seemed so tiring but we couldn't stop smiling through the sleepy. We thought last year was special, boy oh boy we're we wrong!

Last year was a special milestone in being the first ever Father's Day but this year we are extra grateful. As many of you know, Justin was struck in a near fatal motorcycle accident on his way home from his last day of teaching and picking up groceries to cook us dinner. When I hurried into the ER after the call from the Chaplin, all I could tell Bodhi was that it would be a long night and that Daddy was going to be okay. It was so touch and go for the first few days, some of which we thought we might lose him. From the severity of his injuries to the complications of his surgeries and sedation, we relied on his many friends and colleagues that are awesome nurses, doctors, and respiratory therapists to keep us informed and calm. Through the severely acute stage, his caregivers at Mission Hospital saved his life. It wasn't until he was transferred to his home, Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, that we were all finally able to sigh a breath of relief. We knew his family there would take amazing care of him and enhance his recovery with that feeling of belonging.

Since that not so fateful day in October, just a day after visiting the pumpkin patch with Bodhi, Justin has been recovering well. Although the road has been super bumpy with lots of ups and downs, Justin has seemed to handle it in stride, well for the most part! He attributes his healing and recovery not only to all of his healthcare team, friends, and family, but mainly to the light and love he shares with Bodhi. He often speaks of lucid dreams during his induced coma of Bodhi smiling, laughing, and vigorously embracing him. This year, we are extra grateful that those dreams are a reality.

We are so fortunate to have survived that ordeal and happy that Bodhi gets to have his daddy. We don't know what we would do without him, his fierce love, and ever courageous passion for life. He's still the butthead we all know and love, but thank god we still have the big jerk! So this year as Bodhi embraces his daddy a little harder, we ask you to remember the dads in your life and squeeze them extra hard. Cherish them always and never take a single moment with them for granted. Know that dads also do a great job of illuminating our lives! Love them as we love Justin, and let's celebrate these tough guys a little more this Father's Day!

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  • Happy Father’s Day …. and happy launch day! So thankful to be connected to you all through Hoag. I am beyond thankful Justin is here to celebrate with you and be the recipient of all the hugs he can handle!

    Debra Hall

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