The Courage to Grow

I've often found myself in seriously uncomfortable positions, many of them stressful, trying, and even physically painful. The funny things is, I've never fully realized until Bodhi was born that they are just learning opportunities! I've always known in a way to try my best to learn from my mistakes or grow from my challenges, but I always did it reluctantly and I seemed to always be a little scared to go into the fray. It was as if I was merely doing it because it was what I thought was right, not because I understood. At least that's how I've thought about it when I'm feeling a bit vulnerable. Bodhi doesn't have that feeling, he simply is. He doesn't suffer the trappings of our egos, our doubts, our insecurities, or our fears. He, like many other children, is the embodiment of courage. Pure courage.

Now as I look back on things and watch my son grow, I realized that inside of me this whole time was fear. I had an epiphany of sorts over the last few years that has culminated in our families tragedy. I discovered that living in light and love completely illuminates the darkness of fear, leaving only the brightness of courage, the courage to face anything! As I sit and gaze upon my son as he sleeps peacefully cuddled up with my phenomenal wife, I find the courage to overcome any obstacle, any challenge, any pain, and any doubt. And when I now again am able to walk, I find the courage to keep learning and growing with them both, and I look forward to every step we take together.

I never really knew Dia had this whole thing planned as a way to thank all of the amazing people that not only saved my life, but saved the love and bond of our family. So many people showed up, so many people showered us with love and kindness, and so many people safeguarded us. I think this is how Dia mustered the courage to not only deliver this light to those that have personally protected us, but to also take a leap of faith to pour her heart and soul into this awesome new venture. So I suppose in many ways, Bodhi's innocent courage has inspired Dia also, as has everyones love. I know her love has certainly inspired me over the years, for which I shall ever remain in her debt.

So in this stage of my emotional and physical healing I continue to learn and grow. I squeeze my boy a little tighter, kiss my wife a little sweeter, and hold each of you a little closer in my heart. So thank you my son, my wife, and all of you for giving me this ultimate courage, and I hope you shall all always remain joyously courageous yourselves!

With so much gratitude and love,


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